Species of Spaces

Χορείες Χώρων


Music composition with ensemble
Character – Writer, Tourist
Devised, premiered 

Premiered on Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth.

In Chorea, somewhere between a diary and an essay, Perec invites us to walk around the space with him. A lot of reporting, he claims, has been done and is being done about time, but not around space. It urges us to observe where we live, the habits of both ourselves and other people, the facades of buildings, the countryside and the suburbs.

Separated by titles such as apartment, apartment building, city, neighborhood, countryside, world, this book is a good basis to travel starting from the bed, continuing to the rest of the house, going down the stairs of the apartment building, walking in the neighborhood, in the city, traveling a little further in the countryside and continuing around the world.

No dogmatism, simple remarks, many of which you have certainly made either consciously or not. A different project that is a great inspiration for the scene and offers a variety of research possibilities. With a source of humor that contains the tragic irony of everyday life.

Directed by: Alexandra Kazazou
Drama editing: Alexandra Kazazou, Karol Jarek
Scene – Art installation: Christos Laskaris
Lighting and video editing: Karol Jarek
Musical composition – Singer: Rafal Habel

Actors: Antigoni Fryda, Spyros Detsikas, Vassilis Boutsikos, Vassilis Tryfoultsanis