Body Without Body


Directed by Rinio Kyriazi

Character – Dionizos
Instruments – Birbyne, Various Flutes…
Devised and premiered 

Premiered in Ancient Theater of Philippi Greece

The thread of the Bacchi myth – five actors, four axis’s, three languages, one place, narratives of one god, two angels, three women, four points of the horizon. They sing God in contradictions. They delete Penthea’s course from unholy to sanctuary, from delusion to knowledge, from pride to sorrow. They speak about Agave who, from ecstasy to madness, claiming the power of the female goddess is overwhelmed. The wildlife that is pushing. They mourn the man who is removed, the body that is distracted. The remains of body, the body without body. They mourn for our little pieces. A distance acrobation, a circular need, a struggle for the whole.

Directed by Rinio Kyriazi.
Cast: Julianna Bloodgood, Rafal Habel-Bloodgood, Irene Koumparoulis, Kostas Sevdalis, Rinio Kyriazi
Assistant Director: Areti Polymenidis