Songs of Lear

Song of the Goat Theatre

2012 – 2018
Character – Gloucester / Chorus, Tenor
Instruments – Drums, African Kora
Devised, Premiered & Toured Internationally.

Non-linear dramatic event that shows the world of subtle energies and rhythms that govern Shakespeare’s tragedy. The ensemble members have chosen crucial scenes from King Lear to weave a story out of gestures, words and music. Each song is a starting point for another ‘dramatic poem’. Here the music becomes character, relationships and events. The creative process has been divided into several phases: preparation of the concert, dramatizing the songs (an oratorio), creating movement and visual structures, integrating text, music and movement and finally molding the performance into a mature shape. 

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Songs of Lear is a constantly evolving creative research project in which audience may witness a very intimate artistic process. Songs of Lear had its international premiere during Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in August 2012, where it received three prestigious awards: Scotsman Fringe First, Herald Archangel and Musical Theatre Matters Special Award. Songs of Learwas also enlisted on the very top of The List as the highest ranked performance during the 2012 festival.

Director: Grzegorz Bral
Music: Jean-Claude Acquaviva, Maciej Rychły