Dead Walk Love

Directed by Jadwiga Rodowicz-Czechowska

2015 – 2017
Character: Main / Various
Devised and Premiere

Devised and premiered a physical theatre duet based on Yukio Mishima’s text “Patriotism”. Dead Walk Love incorporates elements of Japanese mythology. Noh Theater, Kabuki, Aikido and Butoh.

It is a matter of a man’s and a woman’s relationship in the march towards death which they chose. After their death their souls will see again the poor old room. Serving them as a whole homestead. Who told them to die? Or – what? For what? In the story of Mishima Yukio, “Beloving of the Homeland”, it seems clear. It is political ideals and the moral code that always choose to choose death instead of being dishonored.

Love and death combine in one bed with divine passion and combine in eternity. What is marriage in the ultimate “love” of Cause. What is its meaning and what is its senselessness? In our weariness, in our theatrical event, we try to include in several snapshots the images of the unfortunate couple. Heading towards the “zero” moment, as well as looking at her from the perspective of the grave. The opportunity to visit the ghosts in a modest living room are Japanese All Souls – Obon.

Director: Jadwiga Rodowicz-Czechowska
Music: Maciej Rychły
Scenography, Costumes: Jadwiga Rodowicz-Czechowska
Cast: Julianna Bloodgood, Rafal Habel-Bloodgood

“Performers subject their bodies to strict discipline. They apply sudden stops and rapid rhythm changes, characteristic of Japanese aesthetics. They stretch their movements to the limits of physical possibilities, successfully abuse stillness and silence.”
(Mirosław Kocur)