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Physical and vocal expression of the moment

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Re-grounding internal and external experience of the moment


Physicality and Sound

Awakening organic impulses and revealing one’s inner life


Exceeding Gravity in Acrobatic Dance

Rafal Habel-Bloodgood  is an actor, theatre practitioner and musician who’s work is a culmination of over 25 years of research, practice and performance in a unique genre of ensemble devised, music based – physical theatre. Rafał has developed a profound understanding of the ensemble and theatrical development and with that a deep understanding of the connection between movement, voice, music, text and rhythm.

Rafał was a member of the internationally renowned theatre company, Song of the Goat Theatre, from its inception in 1996 to 2018. Equally important has been a key collaborator in the devising process of almost all of Song of the Goat’s performances. Together they have won numerous awards and critical acclaim throughout the world. Correspondingly the Edinburgh Festival “Fringe First” in 2006 and 2012. Performances include – Dithyramb, Chronicles- A Lamentation, Lacrimosa, Macbeth, Songs of Lear, Portraits of the Cherry Orchard, Crazy God, Return to the Voice, Umilowanie: Dead Walk Love, Hamlet A Commentary and The Grand Inquisitor. Rafal has performed thousands of times throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico, USA and the UK. Including in some of the world’s most prestigious Theatre Festivals. He is considered a treasure of contemporary theatre. 

Taught on the MA in Acting course through Manchester Metropolitan University which was run by Song of the Goat Theatre in Poland from 2004-2012. The London School of Performance Practices, Rose Bruford College. He was a teacher for Song of the Goat Theatre from 2004-2018. Rafał teaches workshops and masterclasses regularly throughout Europe. He has taught masterclasses at the University of California Los Angeles, University of California Irvine in 2011. In Europe masterclasses at: Rose Bruford College and Bral School of Acting. In Greece, he has taught masterclasses and workshops at Dilos School of Drama, Baumstrasse, and Quilombo Cultural Center. Has taught workshops at Music Village in Pelion Greece, since 2016.

Rafal has performed thousands of times including some of the world’s most prestigious Theatre Festivals. Throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico, USA and the UK…

Rafał Habel

Seeking to develop presence.

Bringing to bear our most authentic, vulnerable and creatively powerful state.

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Allow all the elements of the performer’s inner life, vocal possibilities and physical expression to be channeled in a harmonious and contrapuntal way.​

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Rafał Habel-Bloodgood