Return to the Voice

Song of the Goat Theater

Ensemble, Chorus
Instrument: Ligawa
Devised, premiered and toured internationally

photo M. Ankiersztein

A polyphonic song cycle based on traditional music of Scotland and Scottish poems.

There is information hidden in every cord and every sound, no matter what they are. We return to the vibration of sounds, their authenticity and explore those, which are akin to ocean, wind, earth. All the possible frequencies and encoded information in sound, cannot be heard by humans, but we can feel it, it bypasses the intellect and enters straight into our senses.

Every traditional song has its own DNA, which reflects a living vibration in nature. They are able to “translate” nature and landscapes into stories, melodies, and harmonies. Music can open up to us an experience of hidden worlds.  The performance can be understood as a gate for imagination of the spectator. Sounds of the performance are like medicine that shows you spaces you didn’t expect to exist. 

Director: Grzegorz Bral
Composer/Musician: Maciej Rychły, 
Composer: Jean Claude Acquaviva
Choir Preparation: Kacper Kuszewski