The Grand Inquisitor

Song of the Goat Theater

– 2018 –
Music as a divine person
Life Music on Psaltery
Music Composing 

Difficult and existentially multidimensional story in which the hero has to face his inner demons. In the performance, the role of God is illustrated by the musical harmonies with which the protagonist intervenes and argues. Sounds transform into a metaphor of spirituality. The composition played on the psalterium becomes a holy language, thus returning to the roots of the sacred, in which the perfect musicality of the spheres was divine speech. Referring to the tradition of the dichotomy of language dividing it into the sacred and profane, a theatrical performance brings closer the bipolarity of the human-God relationship, and thus explores the human condition, penetrating the darkest corners of the soul.
Director: Grzegorz Bral

Music: Rafał Habel (live)
Stage Design: Robert Florczak
Costumes: Elżbieta Terlikowska