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I received the equipment that Kate used to create her multidisciplinary art. I’m choosing to honor Kate, and those who knew her, by publishing a step-by-step approach to using the loops, microphones and mixers that once belonged to her. I will look for other ways to honor Kate. Unfortunately, I didn’t know this beautiful artist, but maybe now I will get to know her artistic work that she left behind…

Thank you Matthieu! Thank you to the members of Bred in the Bone Theatre Company

Kate Radford was “multi-award winning artist, poet, and performer. Rooted in using words and sounds as a seismic catalyst for shifting cultural narratives that have prophesied women’s lives, and transferring psychic shadows into light. Influences include mythology, philosophy on literature and word, somatic practices, ritual practice and land practice in combination with technology and contemporary art.”

She took her own life in 2021. She was only 32 years old. 

work in progress

For those who unexpectedly lost someone close.

22. February 26th, 2024

I recommend using headphones

I am practicing but I didn’t  recorded anything. Nothing was really wanting to be recorded. Today something come out of improvising rehearsal and this is just a small portion of something… I may add later something more in to it, or who knows what insfiration will doo.

21. February 14th, 2024

This time I am forwarding the song in which I had by impulse add some coloration. This is Spanish song sang in the rehearsal space by Ditte Berkeley. Amazing artist and singer. She record it on hers mobile phone. On top it is the version with my coloration and below it is raw version. It is totally of impulse…

20. January 31, 2024 - Tarnów

Working 9 hours a day at the construction site, in my free time I am preparing for a performance that will take place in Bratislava in about 5 days. I took the Bulgarian Kaval, which is an instrument you have to practice on due to the lack of a mouthpiece. First I used my phone with a simple drone. Then I made a simple, synthetic sound background and played Kaval. There was a feeling not of practice but of concentration on sounds and the timbre of sound… and so the practice turned into meditation

19. January 28, 2024 - Tarnów

It heat me so strong. I had to speak to get out of my system. I am not a poet.. But this time i had to speak.

18. January 21, 2024 - Tarnów

Return to Tarnów. I’m trying to work on Arabic rhythms and scala for a change. I tried this for several days. Immerse yourself in Arabic rhythm and scale. I couldn’t record my own drums (too loud), so I had to use one free Looperman. I prepared loops and melodies and improvised what you can hear on this basis.

17. January 14, 2024 - Wrocław

I came to Wrocław for a few days and this morning I felt that I had to play an instrument. I came across a Romanian shepherd’s flute. I started playing and immediately realized that it would be nice to have music as a background. Fortunately, I had a laptop and an audio recorder that could act as an audio interface, so I set up the recording equipment, layered some ground sounds and wind instruments, and started improvising on the Romanian flute.
My mood improved very quickly and this was created – it’s more of an expression than a composition.
I hope these sounds soothe your soul.

" ". January 8, 2024 - Tarnów

Musicality of technical equipment.

While I was working, I noticed this piece of pipe and immediately knew it would produce a good sound. I now have it ready to use in my next creation.

16.2. January 7, 2024 - Tarnów

Instant Composition is when you compose at the moment. That happened on 04 Jan 2024.  This composition is part of it but reedited. 

Honestly it was to long even after reedition so I did another edit and now is even shorter 🙂

It is exploring my mood after not so grate days. I have been effected by my weekly medicine (I have to take it for my health) Sometimes it hits me strong… this time it did and it kept me days.

After it was too long I split it for two parts. This is the second part of Ups & Downs #16

16.1. January 4, 2024 - Tarnów

It’s Instant Composition. I made it by exploring my mood after not so grate day. I have been effected by my weekly medicine (I have to take it for my health) 

After it was too long I split it for two parts. The second part is 16.2 Not Know.

If you walk? If you cook? Maybe watching landscape…Then maybe it will be good to listen to.

15. January 1, 2024 - Tarnów

Happy New Year.
Long time no see.
I have been working hard in construction. Besides, it was a Christmas and New Year celebration. I am still trying to find my musical space in between construction work that I do for get in building practice and getting familiar with the room where I can make music (the same room is my bedroom 2 x 6 meters) This creation is fare from what I wish to create but I said to myself enough is enough lets create, practice and record and polish it a bit and gave to the listening. I am really trying to know your feelings and reactions to what I am doing. I am the one who create my own website and I didnt find yet how to place the comment box. I will do it, I hope soon.

Transverse bamboo flute, Bulgarian kaval, Lithuanian Birbyne,  looper rc-505, Ableton live

14. December 10, 2023 - Wrocław

I listen to the time loops I recently created and inspiration comes. I clean up existing loops by recording them again. I added the hi-hat as a rhythmic base and started improvising…

Tomorrow I travel to another part of Poland. Tarnów, Kraków

Travel African kora, transverse bamboo flute, Bulgarian kaval, looper rc-505…

13. December 7, 2023 - Wrocław

I finally managed to improvise yesterday and today. It’s not easy after a long time. Fingers feel a little heavy. Blowing the instrument, not that. Creativity is sleepy. Yesterday, as a result of improvisation, I created simple loops on the African Travel Kora. Today I added a bamboo transverse flute to the mix as an exercise, warm-up, rehearsal.

I returned to Wrocław for a few days to coordinate a few things. I will return to Tarnów and Krakow next Sunday. There is some renovation and construction work on the horizon for the entire winter, so I will follow the flow. I will make sure that I have time and space within myself and real space to continue exploring gear and music. I would like to start giving concerts as soon as possible – of course.

Travel African kora, transverse bamboo flute, looper rc-505 and my old good macbook pro.

12. November 30, 2023 - Tarnów

Nowhere, but so much here.

After sanding, scrubbing, gluing and painting walls it’s time to warm up. Here I don’t feel comfortable using all my instruments, rather speaking I don’t feel comfortable using louder instruments. This is just a warm-up. We’ll see what happens. For now, I have received two more renovation and painting jobs.

Travel African Kora, sample sound from the keyboard, Looper rc-505 and my old good MacBook pro.

11. November 24, 2023 - Tarnów

After work I switched on Ableton Live and connected the keyboard. “That’s all I had”.
I was looking for some tunes, melodies and midi instruments. There were things coming and going. Whenever I wanted to record the loop (on Ableton this time) ; nothing really worked. It was night so I only have use the “headphones instruments”. At some point I realized the recording was on without my intention. That was odd.  I didn’t even know for how long it was going so I finished my playing in the manner to preserve the loop. There it was a kind of meditating motive! It wasn’t my hand that started the recording, so I thought it was something that needed to be exploited. It was already after 22:00. I was tired and only wanted to rehearse. I add after finding an interesting sound that was close to the vocal chorus. I record something on top using the pitch bend to make it weird. And yes it is weird.

Note: intentional disharmony

10. November 17, 2023 - Tarnów

‘Kate wanted to talk’

I traveled 400 km east today. I took with me several instruments, one looper and one microphone. As much as I could carry.
When I got there. I rested, ate, and talked to my relatives. I felt the need to play the kora. So I connected Kora to the looper and started improvising. I have decided to work on 7/4 beat. At first it was uncomfortable but then it start to feel good. I found some interesting and simple loops and when they were ready, I hit the record button. A very nice basic track was created. Then I felt the impulse to connect the keyboard. I tried several different instrument samples and this old piano blew me away. I decide to add a piano to the composition at the beginning and end of the composition. Then I felt the need to add a fragment of Kate’s poem to the recording. A thought suddenly appeared. I didn’t think twice. I went on YouTube and just picked up the first Kate poem that came up. It was “Coming of Age”, which I played along with a freshly created composition. I thought it fit perfectly. Then, on impulse, I decided to quote the last line of her poem and placed it at the end of the piece. The goosebumps on my skin confirmed the impulse.
If any of you find this inappropriate, I respect your feelings. Please tell me. For my part, I did it out of respect for Kate.

Travel African Kora, sample sound (Childhood Home Piano), Novation Launch Key mini3 keyboard, Looper rc-505 and my old good MacBook pro.

9. November 14, 2023 - Wroclaw

A kind of traditional music towards modernity. 

Today for the start I practiced with a frame drum and a looper. Then I have loop it and add bamboo flute with birbyne. I used the Bulgarian kaval as a solo instrument, and the beatbox came to me, so I added it and an electronic beat as well.

Frame Drum, Bulgarian Kaval, Bamboo Transverse Flute, Lithuanian Birbyne and 

Looper rc-505, mics: Shure sm 58, ADK Vienna Mk 8

8. November 12, 2023 - Wroclaw

Practice with travel kora and  looper. I have found today a reverse playback, so i used it.

Travel kora, Looper rc-505

7. November 11, 2023 - Wroclaw

Today I’m listening to yesterday’s moment of creating the loop and I found it quite moving. I found this cool texture effect and added it to it. Here’s the result. 

ps. While recording the description, I held the microphone in my hand, so there is some distortion.

Bulgarian Kaval, Midi Keyboard, Looper rc-505

6. November 10, 2023 - Wroclaw

This time I’m using a midi keyboard and Looper connected to my computer to find loops that use electronic sounds. This is just a fragment of my research.

Bulgarian Kaval, transverse bamboo flute, Birbyne, Midi Keyboard, Looper rc-505

5. November 8, 2023 - Wroclaw

Loop exercises in a more musical way

Spontaneous practice on the voice loop. I just wanted to practice on Kora. Then I created some loops. I also improvised using Kora, voice and flute and some music came out of it.

African travel kora, transverse bamboo flute

4. November 7, 2023 - Wroclaw
Rafal Habel

Yesterday, a friend contacted me to play, compose or improvise music for his short film. He put some temporary music for which he couldn’t finally use it. I immediately agreed. Such situations are very creative. I watched the video three times before recording it. I assembled the equipment from Kit. Voice looper (RC-505) and large diaphragm microphone (ADK Vienna MK 8) in case I had the impulse to use one of the wind instruments.

I used Travel Kora for the recording – as the main instrument. I checked that everything was syncing and recording. 
I „grabbed the melody from the air” an improvised theme and started improvising while observing the events in the film. 

This is how the main composition, approximately five minutes long, was created. When I listened to the recorded improvisation, I felt the need to add Birbyne. So while playing back the recorded video with Kora, I started improvising using Birbyne. Multi-layered.

This is how a track was created where the dominant and melodic instrument is Kora and the secondary, accentuating instrument is Birbyne. While listening to the already made instant composition (along with the film), I felt the need for another windy instrument, and here it was the Bulgarian caval and bamboo transverse flute seemed to be just perfect.

This is where a technical problem occurred. 

In Ableton Live I had 3 independent tracks open.

I used the Rc-505 as an audio interface. This is where I connected Kora and the microphone. Each Track should record a separate instrument despite playing the previously recorded instrument on a different track. It turned out that the looper sums everything and so the first track (Travel Kora’s recording) was correct, but the track that should only contain Bribyne was summed with the previous one, i.e. Birbyne and Kora! Therefore, I quickly decided to use a different solution. I used the Zoom H5 recorder as a preamp, connected a microphone to it, and when recording the third track (flutes), this one became an independent track.
I added reverb to the whole thing so that the music fits the movie. 
After I listen the composition I knew that I have to make smal changes in the composition (some unintended disharmony was there) So o took bamboo transverse flute to record and replace 7 seconds of flute track.

You can hear now instant composition. I am looking for the tittle? If you have any suggestion?

I hope I’m not boring you with all these details – but you can always stop reading and start listening.

3. Loop station exercise (November 6, 2023 - Wroclaw)

This time it’s a video. Natural progression.
I recorded looped tracks using the Travel Kora and then play the loops with Kora live and Birbyne live on top. I still see it as practice. Recording it helps me focus on growing and doing it. I see how video is taking away the practice aspect. (It is good to work on it to)

The sound may be different for you than for me. When I record and listen in my headphones (live), I also hear the sounds of the instruments or my voice coming from through my bones or coming through the headphones. My headphones don’t isolate the outside very well. So, please forgive me if something is not clear, unclean or too quiet.

I hope it’s watchable.

All the best… enjoy…

2. November 3, 2023 - Wrocław

Time for Loop Station 

For the last week I have been working on the Boss RC-505 loop station. More realistically, I took it slowly and with a bit of reservation. I had to flip through the manual, watch tutorials, and something finally clicked in me last night (November 3, 2023).
This is how I managed to use sound effects when creating loops.
I created 5 loop tracks, each of them is my voice processed in real time with some effect. Thanks to this, electronic instruments, strange beatboxes and even a choir were created. One of the many beats implemented in the console can be heard in the background.
This is not a piece of music! This is an exercise!

1. November 1 2023 - Wroclaw

I worked with the Boss RC-30 two-pedal looper. I last worked on this smaller device 5 years ago. However, I managed to recall the basic functions quite quickly and the result was a short recording. Is this a piece of music? Certainly not!

0:00 / 0:00
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