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Here & Now

...Expression of the Moment

Embracing the present with our feelings of the past, now and an unknown future.

photo by Rafal H-B

Over 25 years of practical research and performance in physical theatre

A body entered physical workshop.

The Here and Now questions emerging after two years of the pandemic. Where in our bodies, hearts and souls are we? Where are we with each other? Where are we in relation to ourselves and others? We will research what it means to be present without denying our feelings of the past and now and an unknown future.

It is for actors, non-actors, dancers, non-dancers, artists of all kinds. For those who would like to develop presence and focus; to be ready, activated, alive and fully present in each moment whereby discovering new sources of creativity. For those using their body as the key element in the theatrical or any creative devising process. The core of this workshop involves integrating body and physical impulse, voice and movement, emotions and imagination. 

This training will apply exercises based on years of practice and research in ensemble based physical theatre; thoroughly working with the individual, the partner and the ensemble. We will awaken a sense of togetherness, internal and external rhythm, physical impulses, spatial awareness and focus. The state of readiness and presence developed through this training enhances and expands our possibilities not only in the creative realm but in our everyday post-pandemic life. Our lives have been turned upside down in which we don’t understand our reactions to reality. 

The here & now state of readiness developed through this training enhances and expands our possibilities in classical theatre acting, physical theatre, dance and film by creating within the performer a sense of potential and aliveness and truthful actions and reactions. 

We will seek to develop presence; to reveal a body that is open and free, expressive and capable of communicating emotional truth thus bringing to bear our most authentic, vulnerable and creatively powerful state. 

photo by Mateusz Bral

Rafal Habel Julianna Bloodgood
Julianna Bloodgood Rafal Habel

photo by Karol Jarek

Musicality of the Body

photo by Karol Jarek


Rafał Habel