Song of the Goat Theater

– 2016 –
Character: Polonius / Chorus voice
Devised and Premiered

photo Mateusz Bral

The classic text of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was clashed with a brutal work by Heiner Müller, Hamlet Machine and with Allan Ginsberg’s Howl.
The performance asks a hard-line question about the limits of human brutality. How deep can a man immerse in madness when profit and power become his goal?
The artistic team, consisting of performers of fourteen different nationalities, searches for an answer to questions posed this way, relating to different social and religious systems and the figure of a man, who filled with pride felt to be a god on the earth.
The performance joins physical actions with text and polyphony,
which is characteristic for old the Song of the Goat Theatre.

Director: Grzegorz Bral
Composers: Katarzyna Szwed
Costume Design: Alicja Gruca
Scenography: Robert Florczak
Dramaturgy: Alicja Bral
Instrumental compositions
and arrangements: Adam Clifford
Choir preparation: Kelvin Chan