AISO - αϊζο- από το ISOLATED

Premiere 2023 – Athens

Character: Birbynė (noise | silence | voice)

Poster creation: Pericles Agianozoglou

Iso-aizo- from isolated
or from the I zone
or from equal
or from the iso

The ‘Iso’ composition is polymorphic and can work from a duet + tape to an octet (recommended) and include from three to five chapters.

The performance ‘Iso’ -Aizo- is a composition by Nefelis Stamatogiannopoulou, in the context of her doctoral thesis, where she studies sound composition in relation to movement, internal or external, as well as various applications involved in its final form, the recording this but also the dramaturgy of the sound.
Many different perspectives and approaches through two timbre ends in each of us, where they are developed in revealing detail in each chapter.

Deep, Future, between Day and Night,

Action, Darkness, between Noise and Silence

‘permanent constant’ is Time.

Independent entities, having a unique audience of a bird that lived in a cage, Aizos, meet for the first time all together, in front of an audience on 04/04 & 05/04, each following his course and his action in each chapter of this composition .

Five chapters, six artists who have so far worked their way solo, time: the Bell and the moving image.

A musical experiment that partly reflects real life.

We have things in common, but each one went his own way.

When does it stop, what can move each existence and

but how do we co-exist having opposite or even similar goals.


6+1 different narratives having at the same time a common story between them. Izo.

On stage:
Haris Pazaroulas + double bass (dark | light)
Michalis Katachanas + viola (action | inaction)
Dimitra Koosteridou +electronics (bottom | top)
Irini Sgouridou + flute (night | day)
Rafal Habel + duduk, birbynė (noise | silence)
Justine Goussot + keys(future | past)
Iakovos Pavlopoulos + percussion (Time: the Bell)
Natalia Manda: visual artist